Event Overlay


ES Global provides a ‘turnkey delivery’ of temporary events overlay for complex major/mega international events. Event overlay plays an integral role and the delivery of this needs to be seamless from transition through to completion. Temporary overlay provides a flexible, cost effective solution for the delivery of events where space and time maybe at a premium and also to ensure that cities are not left with facilities which have no further use post event.

Due to the fast track nature of many sporting projects, it’s crucial to ensure our suppliers have a proven track record of timely delivery as well as being able to demonstrate commercial value and product/service quality. We employ an integrated approach on every level to ensure timely delivery, efficient design and manufacture along with transparency of cost.

The reuse of the equipment from event to event is truly a sustainable solution. This is only relevant if the reuse of all of the equipment used is carefully planned. We call it precycling as opposed to recycling as when you recycle you think about what to do after you have used the item. When you precycle you plan the second and third uses of the equipment before the first use, the time period between events allows us to do this.