ES Global is dedicated to providing quality staging solutions for a range of events from a world tour for an acclaimed artist, to the opening ceremony of a major sporting event.

All of our stages are made from modular kit, which allows us to create versatile, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing stages, meeting the most challenging production requirements.

The company has a creative and flexible approach which enables us to develop unique methods of satisfying our clients’ requirements every time.

Our team are highly trained and experienced in delivering stages across the globe.

LT Stage

Internal span available in 12490, 16490 and 20490
Performance Area: 344m2
Minimum Floor Height: 1040mm
Trim Height: 12672mm (D/S Max)
Modules: 2m or 4m bays
Floor Capacity: 5kN/m2

Regular System

Internal Span: between 24800mm – 28810mm
Performance Area: between 397m2 – 659m2
Minimum Floor Height: 455mm
Trim Height: between 14796mm – 19282mm
Modules: 2m or 4m bays
Floor Capacity: 5kN/m2

Orbit Stage

Internal Span: 19714mm
Performance Area: 268m2
Minimum Floor Height: 500mm
Trim Height: 8518mm (Centre Apex)
Modules: 4800mm bays
Floor Capacity: 5kN/m2

Bespoke Stages

ES Global has over 30 years’ experience in designing bespoke touring stages. Having designed and toured stages for everyone from Abba to Zappa, our team have the skills, knowledge and expertise to create a show-stopping stage for artists to perform on.

Our talented staff have the capabilities and in house resources to go from your initial ideas to final drawings, fabrication and installation. We have the logistical experience to ensure we achieve every deadline within the demanding tour schedules undertaken by top artists.

Our clients trust us to deliver on time, every time

Screen Supports

• ES Global offers a range of lightweight, mediumweight and heavyweight screen supports along with screen housing
• The screen supports are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and are perfect for use with a fabric screen
• A choice of hard of soft cladding can be tailor made to suit the screen supports to meet client requirements
• The screen supports feature an unobtrusive slim line design
• ES Global screen supports provide clean sight lines and uninhabited views of the screen
• The flexible components allow ES Global to customise the structures

Lighting & PA Towers

• ES Global lighting towers have a slim line design for uninhibited views
• All lighting towers have covered platforms which provide a shield from adverse weather
• ES Global towers feature a quick assembly time
• The height of ES Globals’ towers can be tailored to suit production requirements
• ES Global PA towers are designed to support up to four tonnes rigging capacity

Disabled Viewing Platforms

• ES Global disabled viewing platforms are designed to meet current UK legislation
• The disabled platforms are constructed using a modular system, providing the flexibilty required for individual client briefs
• The ES Global viewing platforms can be built on a variety of challenging surfaces including sand and water providing a level surface
• The disabled platforms are easy to assemble and dismantle
• A matt black finish ensures an unobtrusive look to the disabled viewing platforms

Temporary Footbridges

• ES Global footbridges are designed using super heavy duty truss
• Flexible components allow for bespoke footbridges to be constructed
• Can be extended using a modular scaffold system
• There is a choice of hard or soft cladding that can be tailored made to suit the footbridge
• The footbridges can be branded
• ES Global footbridges can be used for both indoor or outdoor use