Project Overview – To provide three structures for the inauguration ceremony of the opening of KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science & Technology). Exhibition Structure (75m x 72m), Ceremonial Theatre with 3,500 seats (90m x 72m) and King’s Dining Hall (147m x 75m)

ES Global’s Role – Design, fabrication, installation and project management as well as the freight and logistics management of 10 Boeing 747 freighter loads of equipment

Project Title – KAUST Inauguration
Client – Saudi Aramco
Designer – Filmmaster Events
Engineers – Momentum
Location – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Project Value – £5 million
Project Duration – 3 months
External Footprint Area – 23,000m2
Internal Deck Area – 22,500m2
Build Period – 6 weeks
Dismantling Period – 5 weeks
Construction – PVC, ES Global steel truss, rigging, decking, mezzanine, 4
connecting link tunnels with 48 doors