Project Overview – Arts Alliance approached ES Global for a touring pavilion to house their cinematic based art exhibit, employing five wide cinema screens. The intention was to tour world centres over a three year period. The exhibit is based on a futuristic, inflatable structure

ES Global’s Role – ES Global was contracted by Arts Alliance to work with the appointed design team to provide a detailed feasibility report and costing for the project. The client is currently structuring funding

Project Title – Arts Alliance Pavilion
Client – Arts Alliance
Architect – Various Architects
Engineers – Ramboll WhitbyBird
Location – Worldwide Tour
Project Value – £4 million+
Project Duration – 3 years+
Floor Area – 3,700m²
Build Period – 2 weeks
Dismantling Period – 8 days
Construction – Inflatable PVC, cable net, ES Global steel truss,modular flooring, lighting and services