ES Global

We are a truly global business with a reputation for exceeding expectations even in challenging circumstances. We pride ourselves on delivering all our projects to a high standard, on time, every time.

ESG provides 3 key services to the music, sports, cultural, and public sector markets:

1. Projects – The design, specification, management, assembly, and dismantling of demountable overlay and infrastructure including event overlay and demountable venues

2. Staging– Staging solutions for a range of events including high-profile music, sporting, corporate, and hospitality events, using our modular equipment, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and efficient transportation.

3. Consultancy – Consultancy services for event organisers and public sector clients, offering ES Global’s expertise in demountable overlay and infrastructure to provide planning advice

So, whether you are looking for a temporary pavilion for your latest product launch or an exciting new touring stage for a world acclaimed artist or a rapidly deployable solution to solve a logistical challenge; ES Global can take your vision and turn it into a reality, our team thrives on challenges and for us, nothing is impossible.







ES Global pride ourselves on a reputation for delivering on time, every time. Recently we have expanded that approach successfully to rapidly deployable public sector projects.

We operate in an agile manner allowing us to respond to time critical, logistical challenges within the public sector. By using our rapid delivery methods and applying our event overlay principles our team can lead or support in the delivery of program and project management. As an infrastructure partner, our services include; planning, technical support, design, construction, commissioning, facilities management, modular manufacturing, logistics, and temporary utilities.


ES Global provides a turnkey delivery of temporary overlay for complex major international Games and Events.

Playing ever more of an integral role in the Event, the delivery of Overlay needs to be seamless from transition through to completion. Temporary overlay provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for the delivery of events where space and time may be at a premium while also ensuring that cities are not left with facilities without a further use post event.


The company has a creative and flexible approach which enables us to develop unique methods of satisfying our clients requirements every time. Our team are highly trained and experienced in delivering a variety of solutions across the globe.  ESG specialise in the design, specification, management, assembly, and dismantling of temporary structures. By working closely with our clients, we are able to ensure that their vision is translated from vision to reality.

We can deliver a variety of structures to fulfil a range of functions from; corporate hospitality to product launches, fashion shows and roadshows right through to touring art pavilions.


ES Global has over 40 years of experience of providing staging solutions for a range of events including high-profile music, sporting, corporate, and hospitality events, which are all made from modular equipment, allowing for a high degree of flexibility and the ability to be easily dismantled and transported.

Warehouse Facilities

ES Global has an impressive 303,338 sq. ft storage location near Nottingham with ample space for test building, maintenance, loading, unloading and storage.

The facility is centrally located in within the UK, 2 hours and 30 minutes outside of London and 50 minutes from East Midlands airport; one of the UK’s busiest cargo airports, second only to Heathrow.

The warehouse is a fully concreted space with 24 hour security, equipped with up to date plant.

We are proud of our track record of on time delivery. This can only be achieved with a world class team all working together to deliver amazing projects…on time, every time!