Innovative & Creative Solutions

Service Overview

ES Global is dedicated to providing quality staging solutions for a range of events from a world tour for an acclaimed artist, to the opening ceremony of a major sporting event.

All of our stages are made from modular kit, which allows us to create versatile, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing stages, meeting the most challenging production requirements.

The company has a creative and flexible approach which enables us to develop unique methods of satisfying our clients’ requirements every time.

Our team are highly trained and experienced in delivering stages across the globe.

Service Overview

ES Global is expert in the provision of bespoke, temporary structures.

We specialise in the design, specification, management, assembly, and dismantling of temporary structures.

By working closely with our clients we are able to ensure that their vision is created. We can deliver a variety of structures to fulfill a range of functions from corporate hospitality to product launches, temporary offices, roadshows to touring art pavilions.

Service Overview

ES Global provides a ‘turnkey delivery’ of temporary events overlay for complex major/mega international events. Event overlay plays an integral role and the delivery of this needs to be seamless from transition through to completion. Temporary overlay provides a flexible, cost effective solution for the delivery of events where space and time may be at a premium and also to ensure that cities are not left with facilities which have no further use post event.

Service Overview

ES Global has a reputation for delivering on time, every time. We have earned this reputation by working on some of the highest profile projects in some of the most demanding locations.

By using our rapid delivery methods and applying our event overlay principles our team can lead or support in the delivery of; program and project management, planning, technical support, design, construction, commissioning, facilities management, modular manufacturing, logistics, and temporary utilities.

Service Overview

ES Global provides a full specialist project management and consultancy service.

Our highly experienced team can manage a wide range of projects from interactive installations to relocatable structures that tour the world. We use our knowledge and skills to take on complex designs, tough deadlines and logistical challenges to ensure your project is always delivered on budget on time.