ES Global provides innovative and creative solutions for music, sporting, corporate and hospitality events as well as serving the public sector with creative solutions to provide critical and immediate temporary infrastructure requirements.

Creating the right environment is vital for any live event. ES Global specialises in the delivery of demountable overlay and infrastructure including dynamic stages, temporary structures, event overlay, public sector infrastructure and expert project management. We ensure everyone is left with an unforgettable memory of your event, for all the right reasons.

Our knowledge and experience gives us an understanding of the often unique requirements of every conceivable type of overlay requirement. At each stage of your project, our unique blend of invention and pragmatism ensures you get what you want, when and where you want it. Headquartered in London, we are proud to say we are a truly international business and employ a group of people with vast worldwide experience. This team provides us with a wide reaching global network enabling us to be a local partner on an international scale.

We seek to meet and exceed your expectations; we are dedicated to delivering on time every time, and to budget. Our keen attention to detail ensures nothing is overlooked whilst also being agile and able to delivery rapid solutions. Over the years our team and their skills have developed and adapted to reflect big changes in the marketplace. Our team is best placed to offer flexible, bespoke solutions every time. We are technically ambitious and continually strive to push the boundaries.

Sustainability is a fundamental principle to the company’s business approach. We ensure that the impact of our design is evaluated throughout manufacture, delivery, construction, removal and reuse. ES Global has a sister company based in Japan – ESS Japan. The two companies have worked together for 20 years servicing the Asian market. Having a base in Japan  has obvious advantages for clients including huge savings on freight and shipping charges as well as access to crew who are trained and experienced in using the ESG system.

ES Global has a presence in the UK, France, Japan, the US and Middle East allowing us to provide global coverage. So, whether you are looking for a temporary pavilion for your latest product launch or an exciting new touring stage for a world acclaimed musician; ES Global have the ability to take your vision and turn it into a reality, our team thrives on challenges and for us, nothing is impossible.